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Sport Traditions and Legacies

Over the years, Magee has strongly encouraged and supported student participation in a wide range of sporting activities.

These activities have meant different things to different people - healthy exercise, training and skill development, teamwork and co-ordination, competition and strategy, perseverance, friends and social skills, etc.

But whatever the meaning, we can all attest that early exposure to sports is rewarding and the experience "sticks" to serve us well through life. Witness the following stories.

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A Foundation ... "Geered" for Success and Excellence
BC Boys Senior Basketball Champions 1961
Cheerleaders 1975/6 ... Twice Champions!
Magee Rugby Teams 1926/7/8 … Early Winners of New Zealand Shield
My Journey to Becoming an Athlete
The Planting of a Pole Vaulting Passion

Global Citizens through Sport and Travel