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Magee Secondary 2014 Centennial Memoir

Magee Secondary 2014 Centennial Memoir is a book everyone will want to have in their library. This full color, hard cover, labor of love has been produced by Doug Sturrock, retired Magee Teacher (PE Department Head, 1971 - 1998), and his team of dedicated researchers and writers.

Magee Secondary 2014 Centennial Memoir

The Memoir comprises over 275 pages and features:
- A revised history of Hugh Magee, after whom the school is named
- A timeline and summary of the school's history (1914-2013)
- A section on the history of Kerrisdale
- Lists of Graduates, Teachers, Principals/VP's with selected biographies
- Lists of Valedictorians, Student Councils, and Grad Committees (1990-2014)
- Stories and images of activities (1990-2014): Clubs, Fine and Performing Arts, Special Events, and Sports

A Supplement to the Memoir (covering Celebration Events) will be produced following the Centennial.

All Registrants (but not Guests) will receive one copy of the Magee Secondary 2014 Centennial Memoir / Supplement which is included with their Ticket (Passport). Guests and others may purchase the Memoir separately at the Magee Open House on May 24th.

The Memoir will be available for pickup at the Magee Open House on May 24th.

Selected Acknowledgements and Memoir Summaries

Many thanks to John Macdonald and his wife, Brenda (née Timleck, Magee '71), for researching and writing the following summaries "Magee Secondary's Early History", "Hugh Magee Family History", and "Magee's Kerrisdale".

Brenda is a great great granddaughter of Hugh Magee. Her father, Gerry Timleck, operated the Magee Pharmacy at 49th and West Boulevard from 1965 to 1985.

John graduated from Sentinal in West Vancouver in 1965 and retired a few years ago after 37 years with BC Hydro. John also contributed an article on Hugh Magee to Chuck Davis' website, "The History of Metropolitan Vancouver" (

Many thanks, also, to Eric Schieman (Retired), who was Principal at Magee Secondary from 1995 to 2001. His recollections of the demolition of the old school and the relocation, construction and completion of the new Magee on July 1, 2000 are recorded in his summary "Millenium Magee". In the words of PAC 2001:

"Eric provided energetic leadership and guidance during the demanding years of building, and will always be remembered as our inaugural Principal. His enthusiastic support throughout the building process will not be forgotten".

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Magee Secondary's Early History
Magee Family History
Magee's Kerrisdale
Millenium Magee