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Class Reunions and Links

If you have a Magee class reunion, announcement, or website then send us an email with brief details and we will include them on this page. Our email address is

Magee Class Reunions and Announcements

Class 1983 is celebrating their 30th Magee Reunion on June 1st 2013 at the False Creek Yacht Club. For more details please contact Sheri (Little) Eastman, Leslie (Hager) Carter , or Geoff Lyster . We hope to see you there!

Class 1973 is celebrating their 40th Magee Reunion on September 21st 2013 at the Arbutus Club. Follow details and register your contact information at Class 1973 websiteIf you need any help or have a question, email Phil Cook at .

Class 1968 is planning, to coincide with the Magee 100 Year Clebrations, a mini reunion on the evening of Saturday May 24th 2014 at the RVYC. For more information, please contact Brian Stone at or phone 604-261-0588

Class 1964 is planning their 50th Magee Reunion on Friday May 2nd 2014 at the Arbutus Club. Follow details and register your contact information at Class 1964 websiteIf you need any help or have a question, email Leslie Connolly using the "Contact" box on their website.

Class 1963 is planning a 50th Magee Reunion. The dates are Saturday and Sunday June 22nd and 23rd 2013. The Saturday location will be at one of our fellow grad’s home near the school and the Sunday venue details will be advised in due course. Follow developments and stay in touch through our Website at Start with the READ THIS FIRST page and record your contact and profile information. Also, visit our Facebook Page at "Magee Class of '63 50th Reunion"Contact and information coordinators are Rita Douglas at and Don Manning at . Chairs are Karen (Fraser) Cormack at , Val (Vickerstaff) Hemingway at , and Rita.

Class 1959 is planning a 55th Reunion in the evening of Thursday May 22nd 2014 at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. For details and registration, please contact Brooke Campbell at or 604-926-5696.

Class 1958 is proposing a 55th Reunion in mid-September 2013, at a location to be determined. For further information, please contact Pat Stearman at .

Class 1954

LogoReunionClass1954is celebrating their 60th Reunion on Thursday May 22nd 2014 at Paulies Kitchen in Yaletown starting at 11:30 AM. Confirmation is required no later than May 1st by either emailing or by leaving a message at 604-433-5323. We hope to see you there! Marilou (Brooke) Lindsay.

Class 1953 is holding it's 60th Reunion on May 15th, 2013 at a luncheon at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM. "We will have as our guest, Miss Barbara Schrodt, who began her teaching career with our class in 1950. Barbara is a playing member at the Musqueam Golf Course and a member in the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority/UBC. We look forward to grads from coast to coast joining our Celebration! You'll be glad you did. Please contact Kathy Butterfield (, Marilyn (Calhoun) Fraser (, or Audrey Shirley ( for further information."

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