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Public Service

Is It Better to Give or Receive?

We are born with instincts, learn to temper them with reality, and eventually build a set of values for the “public good”. Leaning to balance these forces is a lifelong challenge and process.

Magee has always had a system of club and volunteer activities which are, in part, aimed at developing the “public good” in students. We all need to learn that “public good” goes around, comes around, and can be stored like a currency. Conversely, if we constantly grind against 7 billion people, there is only one result ... we will be turned to dust.

The stories on this page illustrate ways in which students and alumni have engaged in doing the “public good”.

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Roy Borthwick '38 ... Bridge on the River Kwai
Lou Beaubien '51 ... Burnaby's Outstanding Citizen 2012