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Kerrisdale ... Home to Magee Secondary School

The reputation and qualities of Magee Secondary School in large part reflect the people and atmosphere of its' community ... Kerrisdale. Study the community and you will have a good sense about the school.

Artist in Residence Lisa g Nielsen and Artist Intern Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty took this line of reasoning one step further ... study the people and you will have a good sense about the community. In 2011, they completed 47 video vignettes of Kerrisdale residents and posted them in a blog. The video vignettes may be viewed at Kerrisdale Collective Memory

The September post, "Family Business", is about Girlie Koo and her family. They ran the fresh produce and grocery business on 41st Avenue just West of West Boulevard. Her sons Ted Koo '57, Bob Koo '59, and Brian Koo '64 are Magee alumni (daughter Crystal graduated later at Point Grey).

The October post, "Allison Cummings", is about Allison's musical experience as a Magee student in 2011.

Explore and enjoy all of Lisa and Ariel's fascinating posts.

Kerrisdale Insider

This magazine is "A Guide to Local Shopping and Fun". Visit their website and view the February 2014 issue where Dal Richards is the Cover Story and the Magee Centennial is a second featured story.Kerrisdale Insider Magazine

The Kerrisdale Insider is published by Carolynne Palla (Palla Media) who also publishes the magazines "Dunbar Life" and "Steveston Insider".

Kerrisdale Village News

If you would enjoy a daily snippet of news from Kerrisdale (or if you have a snippet to share), then check out The Kerrisdale Village News, a new online newspaper serving the community of Kerrisdale.

Here’s a story from their Archives which some of you may remember all too well. Arena Memories Back in 1949 ... 1956

The Kerrisdale Village News commenced publishing in the Fall of 2012. The editor is Kerrisdale resident Cono Spitale, formerly with The Powell River News and the Vancouver Echo newspapers, and the publisher is Standard Marketing of Kerrisdale.

Recollections and Reconnections

On Friday, 20 February 2009, Roger Magnall, Peter Clarke and I had a very pleasant experience which we would like to share with you. We met for lunch in at the Red Onion, located between Monty’s Barber Shop and the Pelican Café (aka “The Ruptured Duck”) in the Kerrisdale that we knew. For Roger and me it was a rare opportunity to catch up with Peter, who returned last year from a 37-year walk-about in Australia (no kidding!) where he travelled the country and worked at various jobs to pay his way. Following lunch, Roger went his way but Peter and I did a bit of a walk-about through Kerrisdale – much changed from our days - remembering some of the places that used to be.

Kerrisdale Arena

Starting from the Red Onion, we walked across the street to where the Bowling Alley once dominated our free time, west to Ted’s Barber Shop and Jay’s Drug Store, and then north past the Kerrisdale Arena toward 37th Ave. and Strathcona Station. We remembered the box lacrosse setup and the bike sheds at Pt. Grey Junior High – and the amazing bonfire of 1954. We skirted Pop Warner’s Drug Store (home of the “awful awful” and the hole-in-the-spoon sherbet) and Mary’s Confectionery and headed south on West Blvd. to 41st Ave. where we discovered that we had both been delivery boys for Cunningham Drugs at the corner of 41st and the Blvd. - but at different times.

We moved west on 41st, past the Bank of Montreal (still there), Kerrisdale Hardware, Ivor Williams Sporting Goods (where Ivor always had a special deal just for you), the Avenue Grill, Kerrisdale Theatre, Jolly Roger and Moores Bakery on the south; and Superior Produce, J.B. Hoy Produce, Felix Market and Finn’s Clothiers on the north. Memories of chopped, channeled and dropped buggies of a bygone era blasting up and down 41st Avenue flooded back. We walked down 41st past the Safeway, McFarlanes Fish Market and Henry’s Barber Shop all the way to the Texaco Station at Larch where I once rebuilt the engine of my ’49 Plymouth, and then moved south on Larch to 43rd Ave., past the tennis courts where Sarge‘s sister Vicki Berner crafted her nationally-ranked skills while others of us merely swatted at passing balls.

The uphill walk going east on 43rd brought us to the Kerrisdale Library and the Community Centre, and the pool where Tom Dinsley first discovered his penchant for diving, and we again arrived at West Blvd. Walking south, we passed Miss Molly Entwhistle’s Millinery Shop, an old comic book shop that Peter recalled fondly, past Kerrisdale Billiards, Kerrisdale Lumber (still there), and Edison’s folks dry cleaning shop all the way to the Magee Grocery and the new Athlone School at 49th Ave. (former home of the Spencer family).

Trolly Car 41st and Arbutus

Crossing the tracks, we recalled the fine old interurbans that rocketed from somewhere near the old Kitsilano Trestle down to Marpole, where they split off to either Lulu Island or New Westminster. We agreed that they were the finest and most efficient urban transit system yet. I mentioned to Peter that we have a small cult of railroad enthusiasts in our class, including Don Moore and Bob Ashton, who know the whole history of that line. And I recalled as a small boy hearing that someone had found a $10 bill under the 49th Avenue station, and that Bob Van Nes and I had invested considerable time under the station in the vain hope of financing a lifetime supply of jaw-breakers.

Our return walk took us up 49th to Maple Street and the Kerrisdale Grocery, and we proceeded past the somewhat intimidating new Magee and the seismically-challenged Maple Grove Elementary to 47th Ave., where I showed Peter my first house and that of my first best pal, Bob Van Nes (both homes still standing). Outa puff but still game, we completed our walk heading north on East Blvd., past Kirkland Metals (still there) and the old Baptist Church at 43rd Ave., and back to our vehicles at the Kerrisdale Arena –close to the spot where a certain soap box orator would accost us with religious banter after Friday night skating. Exhausted we were. Exhausted, but refreshed. Each of these places brought back its own memories, and the reconnections were exhilarating.

Reported by: Bill Harvey '59